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Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown, and Conan of Cimmeria is ill at ease indeed. Long has he sat on the throne of Aquilonia, which he claimed by his own hand many years ago. And while Conan takes his duties as king of his adopted people seriously, he longs to return to the […]


The father of sword-and-sorcery may be dead, but the spirit of Robert E. Howard burns brightly in this quarterly anthology series from Dark Horse Comics.

The Kabooooom! Pull List, 9.24.14 Edition

This week in the Pull List, the Kabooooom! Crew recommend checking out Harley Quinn Future’s End #1, Magneto #10, Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #9, Loki: Agent of Asgard #6 and more!

Comic Review: CONAN THE AVENGER #4

Newly employed as Captain of the Royal Guard for the King of Shumballa, Conan finds himself in a state of ease.  His only real duties are satisfying the lusts of the Princess Tanada and supressing the rebellion of the Gallah underclass, who think a witch hides among the Chaga nobility.  Surprisingly, they are correct.  For […]

COMIC PREVIEW: Groo VS. Conan #1

For as long as there have been sword & sorcery comics, there have been sword & sorcery parody comics.  Yet for all these many years the twain hast never been met between them… until now!  For there shall come a reckoning, as the king of high fantasy crosses swords with the king of low comedy… […]

COMIC REVIEW: Conan the Avenger #1

CONAN THE AVENGER #1/ Written by FRED VAN LENTE/ Art by BRIAN CHING / Colors by MICHAEL ATIYEH / Letters by RICHARD STARKINGS & COMICRAFT / Published by DARK HORSE COMICS Shumballa – a city in turmoil! There has always been tension between the native Gallahs and the Stygian-born Chagas – the elite caste who […]

COMIC REVIEW: Conan the Barbarian #25

CONAN THE BARBARIAN #25/ Written by BRIAN WOOD/ Art by LEANDRO FERNANDEZ/ Colors by DAVE STEWART/ Letters by RICHARD STARKINGS & COMICRAFT/ Published by DARK HORSE COMICS The crew of The Tigress and the pirate queen Belit are dead. Only Conan survived their disastrous raid on a lost city full of treasure. But while the […]

COMIC REVIEW: Conan And The People of The Black Circle #1

CONAN AND THE PEOPLE OF THE BLACK CIRCLE #1/ Written by FRED VAN LENTE/ Art by ARIEL OLIVETTI/ Published by DARK HORSE COMICS Bunda Chand, King of all Vendhya, lies dead. His life was taken by his sister, the Devi Yasmina by his own request – the only thing that saved his soul from being […]