Comic Review: THANOS ANNUAL #1

It’s not often that a character gets an annual without the benefit of an active ongoing monthly series, but that’s the case with Marvel’s Mad Titan Thanos, whose popularity has been surging in the zeitgeist since his post-credits reveal in 2012’s Avengers movie. Thanos Annual #1 draws its style heavily from the character’s comic book […]

The Comic Review Round-Up, 8.28.13 Edition

Welcome back to Kabooooom’s weekly comic review round-up! There’s a whole lot of new books out this week as our reviewers give us the scoop on Doug Lara’s first issue of Hydrocarbon Man, the finale of Trinity War in Justice League #23 and more! HYDROCARBON MAN #1/ Written by DOUG LARA/ Art by DOUG LARA/ Published […]