Movie Review: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY – Does it Live Up to the Hype?

After a year of waiting, Guardians of the Galaxy was finally unleashed upon audiences this weekend and, if the box office numbers are any indication, a good chunk of the country made sure to hit their local multiplex this weekend to see exactly what Marvel had up their sleeve. The trailers and TV spots a-plenty really […]

RECAP: Guardians of the Galaxy IMAX Sneak Peek

Last night, Rush Urbalejo attended the early sneak peek screening of 17 minutes from Marvel‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. Below are his impressions as well as a recap of the previewed footage. Spoilers will be clearly marked, but proceed with caution. One of the most interesting things about last night’s Guardians of the Galaxy IMAX […]

REVIEW: Annihilators: Earthfall #1

Written by DAN ABNETT & ANDY LANNING Art by TAN ENG HUAT & ANDREW HENNESSY Colors by WIL QUINTANA / Letters by JOE CARAMAGNA The sequel to the original Annihilators mini-series dives head first into an intergalactic war featuring the cosmic super team dubbed the Annihilators. Unfortunately, head first is about as deep as we […]