GREEN ARROW #18 [Review]

If you have yet to give the new Green Arrow a chance, this issue marks a wonderful opportunity to see what you’ve been missing out on. If you’re a long-suffering Arrow-head wishing for a return to the good-old-days when men were men with goatees, women were women in fishnets and a comic could be socially aware while still presenting a kick-ass action sequence or two, now is the time to come home. Either way, this book is a great read and one of the strongest titles of the Rebirth line.

Comic Review: ARROW – SEASON 2.5 #10 [Digital Edition]

Some may wonder what point there is in a TV series tie-in comic that is set between the seasons of that  TV series.  Those who have been watching Arrow‘s third season already know which characters survived the thrilling events at the end of the second season’s epic finale. As such, there’s not a lot of […]

REVIEW: Red Hood & the Outlaws #1

REVIEW: Red Hood & the Outlaws #1

Written by SCOTT LOBDELL / Art by KENNETH ROCAFORT Colors by BLOND / Letters by CARLOS M. MANGUAL Admittedly, this review is a little late. That could be because I’m lazy (unlikely) or because the past two weeks were spent piecing my person back together after spontaneously combusting upon reading and then rereading Red Hood & the […]