AQUAMAN #24 [Review]

Since retaking the throne of Atlantis in the wake of his half-brother’s invasion of the surface world, Arthur Curry – better known to the world at large as Aquaman – has faced adversity on multiple fronts. He’s contended with the continued scheming of his arch-enemy Black Manta – now backed by the sinister organization known […]

AQUAMAN #23 [Review]

Arthur Curry is a man of two worlds yet he has never truly been a part of either one. He is mistrusted and mocked by the surface world he defends as part of the Justice League. And since being crowned King of Atlantis for a second time, he has faced opposition from his own people […]

DC Comics’ Villains Month Round-Up – Week Four

DC Comics’ Villains Month is upon us. We’ve read for months about the 3D covers and DC’s financing woes, but what really matters is the content. Each issue this month deals with the background story of a DC Universe villain. So what is worth checking out and what should be passed up? [Missed week one? […]