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SECRET WARS #9 [Review]

The final chapter in Jonathan Hickman’s masterpiece, Secret Wars arrives with issue #9. The hardest thing to do, especially with Marvel, is have an ending to such a large scale crossover live up to the expectation set by the brilliant beginning. The stakes were even higher here as Secret Wars was ending all of the […]

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SECRET WARS #7 [Review]

Marvel has a pretty strange approach to ending its long standing universe and launching a new one simultaneously. It’s been a while since the main Secret Wars tale unfolded, with their focus shifting to all the new #1’s that have been pouring out of Marvel each week. There have been a few patches of confusion, […]

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I’ve loved Spider-Man since I was just a little guy breaking into comics. As typical as it is, I connected to Peter Parker and all his geeky, imperfect sarcasm. I found and still find One More Day to be absolutely atrocious for many reasons that have been argued for nearly eight years in online forums. There’s […]

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SECRET WARS #5 [Review]

Jonathan Hickman is and has always been a strong writer in the world of comic books, and his contributions to Marvel since 2009 have been among his best. Heavy on science fiction theory and with deep character motivation and development, his incarnations of long standing heroes rank high above most. Secret Wars, so far, is […]

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SECRET WARS #4 [Review]

The Marvel 616 universe has been around since 1961, and the Ultimate 1610 universe has been around since 2000. To end both of them simultaneously in order to relaunch the Marvel Comics universe is extremely ambitious. For a writer to pull this off flawlessly is nearly impossible, but not unlike God Doom himself, Jonathan Hickman […]