COMIC REVIEW: Skullkickers #24

SKULLKICKERS #24 / Written by RON MARZ, ADAM WARREN, TODD DEZAGO & JIM ZUB / Art by STJEPAN SEJIC, REMY “EISU” MOKHTAR, JEFF ”CHAMBA” CRUZ & LAR DESOUZA / Letters by MARSHALL DILLON / Published by IMAGE COMICS, INC. Skullkickers is about two mercenaries whose collective intelligence makes Conan The Barbarian look like a Rhodes […]

Get Psyched On It! 2.24.2012

Get Psyched On It: “Mind the Gap” “Super Best Friends Forever” and MORE!

Welcome all to  Psyched On It! post. This will be a weekly feature where we, the writers and editors of Kabooooom, preview anything and everything that gets us excited. Some of it you might have heard of, some of it we might be late on but some of it will be new. This is our […]

‘Skullkickers’ World Map Makes Us Happy/Sad

As if I wasn’t already sad enough that I’ll be on the East Coast during Image Expo, Skullkickers creator Jim Zub and master cartographer and illustrator Mike Schley are unveiling an exclusive world map poster for the convention! This 18″x24″ beauty truly defines the world of Skullkickers for the first time. Schley’s incredible craftmanship reminds […]

NEWS: Jim Zubkavich Releases 'Makeshift Miracle' as a Bittorrent

NEWS: Jim Zubkavich Releases ‘Makeshift Miracle’ as a Bittorrent

Jim Zubkavich, the writer of Skullkickers, and UDON Studios have released Zubkavich’s Makeshift Miracle for free as a bittorrent file. From the Makeshift Miracle site: The original Makeshift Miracle story was published online from September 2001 through to March 2003. It was one of the first graphic novels ever serialized and completed online. This new version, […]

NEWS: Image Goes Day & Date Digital with More Titles

NEWS: Image Comics Goes Day & Date Digital With More Titles

The argument for digital comics grows increasingly stronger. Image Comcis has announced that it will be going day and date digital for a number of it’s titles. The publisher was already using this practice for a two of it’s biggest titles, Invincible and The Walking Dead. Here’s the list: Chew The Infinite The Last of […]