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The All-New, All Different Avengers is a mouthful of a title. There really wasn’t a more creative option? Although accurate, the name of the book is terrible and uninspired, but it won’t be enough to keep readers away from diving in. As Marvel turns towards its new era of diverse heroes, this series should serve […]


The world of Gotham Academy takes a turn for the creepy in Gotham Academy: Endgame #1. This issue’s setup is a classic campfire storytelling. Several teens are trapped in the Academy’s gymnasium during the Joker virus emergency in Gotham City. To pass the time and entertain themselves they tell ghost stories, each a variant of […]

REVIEW: X-Men Legacy #260.1

REVIEW: X-Men Legacy #260.1

Written by CHRISTOS GAGE Art by DAVID BALDEON & JORDI TARRAGONA Colors by SONIA OBACK / Letters by COREY PETIT When an X-Book opens with mutants playing sports you know you’re in for a good ride. Christos Gage takes over from Mike Carey and from the outset, Legacy feels different. It’s fresh, fun and above all, entertaining.It […]

NEWS: Marvel Cancels Alpha Flight

NEWS: Marvel Cancels “Alpha Flight”

Guess this one isn’t going to be an ongoing after all. Alpha Flight will end with issue #8. Here’s what Greg Pak had to say on Twitter: Fans and friends, I’m sorry to confirm that #AlphaFlight will indeed end with issue #8… But the book was originally conceived as an 8 issue mini, so we’re still telling […]