Time once was that a hero protected the people of Dakota City.  With a charge in his step and a smile on his lips, he fought the bad people who, like him, had been given phenomenal powers but chose to abuse their gifts rather than help others. He was known as Static and he had […]

NEWS: DC Announces Six New Ongoings, Cancels Six Titles

DC Announces Six New Ongoings, Cancels Six Titles

DC Comics has announced six new titles debuting in May that will compromise the second wave of the New 52. Fans will be ecstatic to learn that Batman Incorporated  by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham will finally be returning with this wave. The other titles being added to the new line will be: Dial H by […]

NYCC: Marc Bernadin Gives 'Static Shock' A Jolt

NYCC: Marc Bernadin Gives ‘Static Shock’ A Jolt

John Rozum announced his departure from writing Static Shock four weeks ago. We assumed that we would get the announcement of a new writer at some point during NYCC. We actually got it a little early. DC Comics has announced that MArc Bernadin will takeover writing duties starting with issue #7. Bernadin has found success […]