the last ship season 3 premiere review

THE LAST SHIP Season 3 Premiere [Review]

Season 3 of The Last Ship sailed onto TV screens this past weekend. Unlike the first season of the hit show, season 3 picks up almost five months after the conclusion of season 2. As viewers will remember, the sophomore season ended with the large cliffhanger of Dr. Scott (Rhona Mitra) being shot by a […]

the last ship season 2 finale review

THE LAST SHIP Season 2 Finale [Review]

[WARNING – This review contains SPOILERS.] The Last Ship has concluded its second season run, but was the pay off worth it? One thing that has always been interesting about The Last Ship is it’s not afraid to take chances and very seldom plays it safe with regard to its storylines. And in its final […]

the last ship valkyrie review

THE LAST SHIP Season 2 Episode 11 [Review]

[WARNING – This review contains SPOILERS.] Season 2 of The Last Ship has so far crafted itself as more of a political thriller than a post-apocalyptic one, and this shifting of focus for the series has proven to be a strength of the show. Ending the virus angle early on allowed The Last Ship to […]

the last ship season 2 alone and afraid review

THE LAST SHIP Season 2 Episodes 6 & 7 [Review]

[WARNING – This review does contain SPOILERS.] (Note: This is a review of both episodes six and seven of The Last Ship as they work better as a part one and two than as single narrative episodes.) “Long Day’s Journey” fairly straight forward episode, following Chandler and his men as they track the Cult of […]

the last ship season 2 solace review

THE LAST SHIP Season 2, Episode 4 [Review]

[WARNING – Mild SPOILERS below.] For the past few weeks, The Last Ship has been moving at break neck speeds as it goes about wrapping up season 1 plot lines, setting up new plots threads, and introducing new characters while saying goodbye to others. All the while, the series has also been slowly pulling away […]

the last ship season 2 premiere review header

THE LAST SHIP S2 Premiere [Review]

The Last Ship – TNT’s much lauded television show that premiered last summer to stellar reviews and high ratings – returned this past weekend for its sophomore season. The Last Ship is a post-apocalyptic show that very much wants to distance itself from other post-apocalyptic media, and some of the main complaints from its first […]