Superman Leviathan Rising #1 Teaser


Leviathan may be rising, but this (anything but) special crashes and burns exiting the gate before it can get onto the runway.

10 Best Marvel NOW! Comics

In October 2012, Marvel Comics relaunched several of their ongoing titles under the banner of Marvel NOW!  They also began introducing new titles into the mix.  Today, Marvel NOW! is in its second wave, and with so much flux, how do we know what’s good and what’s bad?  Here’s a list of what we think […]

The Comics Review Round-Up, 8.7.13 Edition

Welcome back to Kabooooom’s comics review round-up! It’s another all Marcus edition as he continues our coverage of DC Comics’ Trinity War with the latest Phantom Stranger, and gives us a breather from the continuity shattering conflict with the refreshing and comical Superior Foes of Spider-Man. TRINITY OF SIN: THE PHANTOM STRANGER #11/ Written by […]

REVIEW: Alabaster: Wolves #2

Written by CAITLIN R. KIERNAN Art & Letters by STEVE LIEBER Colors by RACHELLE ROSENBERG My initial review of Alabaster: Wolves #1 provided a cautious recommendation due to concern about the potential of teen angst factoring into the storyline and creating yet another Twilight clone. However, fortune has seen fit to provide evidence to the […]