Comic Review: SECRET SIX #1

Thomas Blake. AKA Catman. A savage drifter who doesn’t like being cooped up or tied down. Even if you ask him nicely. Lori Zechlin. AKA Black Alice. A riot goth grrrl with a dark attitude and darker magics at her command. Damon Wells. AKA Big Shot. A small-time private investigator who can live large when […]

COMIC REVIEW: Batgirl #29

BATGIRL #29/ Written by GAIL SIMONE/ Art by FERNANDO PASARIN/ Inks by JONATHAN GLAPION/ Colors by BLOND/ Letters by DEZI SIENTY/ Published by DC COMICS Barbara Gordon has been trying to lay low as Batgirl, and who could blame her? Her last adventure saw her boyfriend wounded and made her father, Commissioner James Gordon, into […]