Comic Review: ARROW – SEASON 2.5 #10 [Digital Edition]

Some may wonder what point there is in a TV series tie-in comic that is set between the seasons of that  TV series.  Those who have been watching Arrow‘s third season already know which characters survived the thrilling events at the end of the second season’s epic finale. As such, there’s not a lot of […]

DC Comics’ Villains Month Round-Up – Week Four

DC Comics’ Villains Month is upon us. We’ve read for months about the 3D covers and DC’s financing woes, but what really matters is the content. Each issue this month deals with the background story of a DC Universe villain. So what is worth checking out and what should be passed up? [Missed week one? […]

REVIEW: Talon #10

Story by JAMES TYNION IV/Art by MIGUEL SEPULVEDA and SZYMON KUDRANSKI/Colors by JEREMY COX/Letters by DEZI SIENTY/ Published by DC Comics It is a special feeling to sit down with an issue of any comic book and feel so completely wrapped up in each character, whether primary or secondary, that a satisfied sigh escapes your […]

REVIEW: Detective Comics #10

Written by TONY S. DANIEL Art by ED BENES & ROB HUNTER Back-up Art by SZYMON KUDRANSKI Colors by TOMEU MOREY Back-up Colors by JOHN KALISZ Letters by JARED K. FLETCHER Back-Up Letters by DEZI SIENTY Detective Comics has been a series marred by cringeworthy dialogue from Tony S. Daniel. This issue is little exception. […]