Comic Review: FUTURES END #13

You know those ensemble movies that come out around Valentine’s Day? The ones with the all-star cast that you know your going to have to stomach because your significant other thinks it’ll be a romantic way to spend some time together. No matter how many stars are packed into the movie it’s still an hour and […]


Comic Review: TEEN TITANS #1

Why oh why is this book not called New Teen Titans? It sure feels deserving of the title. After a lackluster first salvo at the launch of the New 52, the Teen Titans are back in a fresh #1. The creative team of Will Pfeier and Kenneth Rocafort make it an exciting debut, with an […]

NEWS: Two Arkham City DLC Packs Officially Confirmed, Priced

NEWS: Arkham City DLC Packs Officially Confirmed, Priced

After the various photos, concept art and achievement lists were found over the internet the last few weeks, Rocksteady Studios has officially confirmed that Nightwing will be playable in all Batman: Arkham City challenge maps! They have also announced that the DLC bundle for Nightwing, which also includes the Wayne Manor and Main Hall maps, […]