THE TITHE #5 [Review]

Several months ago Samantha Copeland was a counter-culture hero, though nobody knew her name. As the brains behind the hacktivist group Samaritan, Sam hacked the accounts of several prominent mega-churches she’d discovered were fleecing their parishioners. Samaritan then donated the stolen wealth to charity while exposing the moral and legal misdeeds of the wolfish clergy […]

The Comic Review Round-Up, 11.22.13 Edition

Welcome back to the round-up! This week’s iteration is a mostly Marvel week, with reviews for Avengers #23 and Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #2, plus a little Image action with Larime Taylors A Voice in the Dark. A VOICE IN THE DARK #1/ By LARIME TAYLOR / Produced by TOP COW Productions / Published […]