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UNCANNY X-MEN #2 [Review]

There are always so many X-Men books at one time for Marvel, so many different teams to choose from. Uncanny X-Men serves as the sort of the Suicide Squad-esque, villains-turned-heroes team of mutants. Even though the team isn’t comprised of the most popular of mutants, this group is a handful of fan-favorites; plus anything with […]

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UNCANNY X-MEN #35 [Review]

Just when you thought there were enough great mutants in the world, Brian Michael Bendis throws a together a whole new team of great mutants. Writers like Bendis are what allow 20th Century Fox to feel so confident in having enough characters to populate a whole movie universe with just one comic book franchise. With […]

Everything You Need to Know for ‘X-Men: Battle of the Atom’

This September, Marvel will be unleashing its newest event in its X-Men series called, X-Men: Battle of the Atom, which will have the X-Men from the past, present and future collide as they try to set the time-stream back on its intended path. Running through various X-Men titles, it can get confusing to figure out who is […]

REVIEW: Uncanny X-Men #2

REVIEW: Uncanny X-Men #2

Written by KIERON GILLEN Art by CARLOS PACHECO, JORGE MOLINA, RODNEY BUCHEMI, CAM SMITH, ROGER BONET & WALDEN WONG  Colors by FRANK D’ARMATA, RACHELLE ROSENBERG, JIM CHARALAMPIDIS & JORGE MOLINA Letters by VC’S JOE CARAMAGNA When we last left our hated heroes, Mr. Sinister melded together with a Celestial and was about to cause some […]

REVIEW: Uncanny X-Men #1

REVIEW: Uncanny X-Men #1

Written by KIERON GILLEN Art by CARLOS PACHECO & CAM SMITH  Colors by FRANK D’ARMATA / Letters by JOE CARAMAGNA I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Uncanny X-Men. The book has run the gamut from crazy space adventures to more grounded philosophical situations with dashes of action with varying degrees of success. I hoped […]