This issue is something of a disappointment after the first special, with the characterization being paper thin and the story fairly standard stuff for a team series. Taken as a work of commentary however, the book becomes a brilliant piece of satire, albeit it possibly unintentionally. I can’t say I liked it much but neither did I dislike it.

VIXEN Season 1 Episode 1 [Review]

Mari McCabe’s homecoming has been anything but pleasant. Then again, Mari’s life in general hasn’t been very pleasant. An orphan bounced from foster home to foster home, Mari’s never really felt at home anywhere.  Her quest for identity sent her overseas to Africa in search of something… anything that might tell her about her birth […]

REVIEW: Justice League International #2

REVIEW: Justice League International #2

Written by DAN JURGENS / Art by AARON LOPRESTI & MATT RYAN Colors by HI-FI / Letters by TRAVIS LANHAM Everybody – even a superhero – needs a leader. As this book opens with a scene that might have been ripped from the headlines generated by the Wall Street protests, the faceless protestors of this comic and […]