An Interview with Tim Jones, creator of “Next Gen”

Meet Tim Jones, the mind behind Kabooooom’s new original webcomic Next Gen. The comic  follows the life of a down-on-his-luck 20something named Lewis and his retired father Phil. Though new to Kabooooom, Jones has been around the cartooning circuit for years, even holding his own comic strip in his college’s newspaper called Lexington Avenue. To celebrate the debut […]

Webcomic Wonders: Justin Hubbell's 'Suicide'

Webcomic Wonders: Justin Hubbell’s ‘Suicide’

Whether it’s music, painting, poetry or comics, many artists use their art as a personal outlet for their innermost thoughts and feelings. The Internet then tends to be  tricky place for creative types.  Is it worth putting so much of yourself out there? Most times one could pass it off as fiction or an exercise in […]

Webcomic Wonders: Mahfood Talks 'Los Angeles Ink Stains'

Webcomic Wonders: Mahfood Talks ‘Los Angeles Ink Stains’

What It Is: Los Angeles Ink Stains is an autobiographical webcomic by Jim Mahfood, who has not only worked on comics, but also in live art, murals, advertising, and custom body-painting. In comics, Mahfood has worked on Kevin Smith’s Clerks, Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special, Kickpuncher (from the “Community” season one DVD) and more for every […]