WONDER WOMAN/ Directed by PATTY JENKINS/ Screenplay by ALLAN HEINBERG/ Story by ZACK SNYDER, ALLAN HEINBERG, & JASON FUCHS/ Starring GAL GADOT, CHRIS PINE, ROBIN WRIGHT, CONNIE NIELSON, DANNY HUSTON, ELENA ANAYA, LUCY DAVIS, SAID TAGHMAOU, EWEN BREMNER, EUGENE BRAVE ROCK, & DAVID THEWLIS/ Produced by DC FILMS, ATLAS ENTERTAINMENT, CRUEL AND UNUSUAL FILMS, TENCENT PICTURES, & WANDA PICTURES/ Distributed by WARNER BROS. PICTURES She is a member of the Justice League and forms one third of DC Comics’ Trinity. Alongside Superman and Batman, she represents the core values of the DC Universe heroes. She is a princess and warrior. … Continue reading WONDER WOMAN [Review]