Pokémon: Kabooooom’s Favorites and Expectations

With a worldwide release on October 12th, Pokémon X & Y is set to take the world by storm. In anticipation for the new games, the Kabooooom Crew got together to share their favorites from the series, and what they’re excited to see this time around:

Caroline Albanese, Managing Editor:

Favorite Generation: Generation II, Johto! I love the fact that you could got to explore this awesome new world, and then go back to Kanto and see where all the characters ended up.

Favorite Game: Pokémon Yellow – you can’t beat having Pikachu follow you everywhere and Jesse and James popping up with Team Rocket. Super fun.

Favorite Type: Water. Even though everyone made fun of me, Squirtle was my starter in the original games. I think at first it was because I wanted to be like Misty, but as I got older the water type Pokémon were always seemed really cool to me.

Favorite Pokémon: Eevees and all their eeveelutions. Although if I can just live on a farm full of fluffy, happy Eevees I would be a very happy lady. Take your badges and evil Teams elsewhere, Gamefreak, me and my Eevees will just be here eating Poffins, thanks.

While the new world, new pokémon and the new Mega Evolutions are cool, let’s be serious and talk about what’s really gonna sell some copies: Sylveon. It may be a pink, Fairy, pretty looking pokémon, but it is fierce and will take down any Dragon type. It even wears a little bow, awwwww!

Tim Jones, Cartoonist of Next Gen:

Favorite Generation: Generation III, Hoenn was probably my favorite generation. I think that’s where the game really started to take shape and develop.

Favorite Game: Pokémon Crystal! It was the first game I played by myself, and it was great.

Favorite Type: Grass is a cool class if you’re not all into dealing massive damage. When I started watching competitive battling, my appreciation for the grasses grew even more.

Favorite Pokémon: That’s a tough one, because I have a lot of favorites. Chikorita would be on top of my list for sentimental reasons, and because of it’s cuteness. I’m a big fan of Meowth just because of the show, and Hypno is one of my favorites because in one of my Nuzlocke runs, my Hypno (named Freud) carried my team through most of my battles. Sadly, he died while fighting Red’s Pikachu.

Alex Chautin, Writer:

Favorite Generation: Generation II, Johto

Favorite Game: Pokémon Diamond, I think.

Favorite Type: Fire/Dragon

Favorite Pokémon: Currently, Salamance

After playing generation V I have some high expectations from story in X and Y. I am really excited to see a new region (especially with the incredible depth and detail they have poured into Kalos) as always and I am super pumped for all the new battle formats.

Tag battles and rotation battles have been such a good extension on the battle system so sky battles and hoard battles are really appealing to me and Pokémon ‘Amie has the potential to be everything we have always wanted and more. I am a bit unsure how natural the mega evolution mechanic will feel even though I like the general idea and it strikes me as very “Digimon”, something that is NOT a negative quality.

Matthew Charles, Writer:

Favorite Generation: Generation II, Jhoto

Favorite Game: Pokémon Gold/Silver or Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

Favorite Type: Steel

Favorite Pokémon: Mawile

I am excited for Fairy Type and the Mega Evolutions. I’m curious to see how both will change the way the game plays and feels.

I also enjoy how the Mega Evolutions in particular have souped some old favorites.

Have you seen that Ampharos? He looks fabbbbbboulous!

I am not excited about all the time I’ll lose to playing this game.

Anthony Chanza, Editor-in-chief:

Favorite Generation: Generation II – I totally agree with Caroline here. I loved being able to explore a completely new region, Johto, AND be able to head back to Kanto. The addition of Shinies and Pokémon Breeding added more depth and I remember spending hours trying to breed a shiny Cyndaquil.

Favorite Game: Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver – Mixing my favorite generation with being able to walk around with a pokémon tagging behind you, the best part of Pokémon Yellow, ensured that this game would be one of my favorites.

Favorite Type: Dragon – I’m a sucker for dragons.

Favorite Pokémon: Lucario.  A predominantly blue, bipedal fox that punches things and uses its aura to wreck enemies? Sign me up.

I’m really looking forward to the new Pokémon (pretty sure I’m taking Froakie) and how the Mega evolutions will affect competitive play. Finally I’m excited to play a three dimensional Pokémon game, that’s not Coliseum or any other side entry.

What are you thoughts and favorites on Pokémon? Are you a Pokémon Master? Have you caught them all? Let us know in the comments below!

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