The Kabooooom! Pull List, 5.28.14

Here at Kaboooooom we live and breathe comic books, but if you’re new to the game or just don’t frequent the local comic shop it can be hard to know where to start. For that, we’re here to help. Every week we’ll share with you our recommendations for what you should checking out and what you need to know before you crack that cover – it’s Kabooooom’s Pull List!

Batman-31Sarah Moran, Comics Editor
Pull List: Rebel Heist #2, Tomb Raider #4, Aquaman #31, Batman Eternal #8, C.O.W.L. #1, Ms. Marvel #4
This Week’s Must Read:  Batman #31

What Scott Snyder has been doing on Batman throughout this Zero Year arc is some of the zaniest stuff Gotham has endured in years. I mean, the city is a jungle–literally!  But by embracing the weird, Snyder has made Batman DC’s best ongoing title and created a truly original origin story for The Dark Knight utilizing The Riddler in way that suits the character perfectly.
Greg Capullo’s art is not only amazingly detailed and nuanced, but his design for Batman is easily my favorite, well… maybe ever. Then there’s the colors by Fco Plascencia – pinks, yellows, greens – not the pallet you imagine for Gotham City, but they’re so weird they’re wonderful.
This is the second issue of the Zero Year’s third arc, “Savage City”, so I recommend grabbing the trade paperback of the series’ first arc, “Secret City.” Take my word for it, you won’t regret it!

all-new-invaders-5Marcus Hammond, Writer
Pull List:
Batman #31, Uncanny Avengers #20, Avengers #30, Southern Bastards #2, Superman #31, Suicide Squad #30
This Week’s Must Read:  All-New Invaders #5

Both James Robinson’s writing and Steve Pugh’s art have made this an enjoyable series. Issue #5 is the conclusion to the creative team’s first arc. The fight sequences between the Invaders and the Kree have been superb, and I can’t wait to see how Captain America, Bucky, Namor, and the Human Torch stack up in their battle against the Kree controlled Ikaris of the Eternals.

king-conan-the-conqueror-4Matt Morrison, Writer
Pull List: All New Invaders #5, Batman #31, Batman Eternal #8, Conan The Avenger #2, C.O.W.L. #1, Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #5
This Week’s Must Read: King Conan: The Conqueror #4

Few writers and artists have managed Conan The Barbarian so well as Tim Truman and Tomas Giorello. Their recent works adapting the Robert E. Howard stories centering upon Conan during his days as ruler of Aquilonia have been truly wonderful as both adaptations and freestanding stories, with what little material Truman has added through a frame story depicting an aged Conan telling his life’s story to a scribe seeming true to Howard’s oeuvre. This month’s issue – depicting Conan’s only encounter with a seductive vampire in the tombs of Stygia- promises to be a great one!

ms-marvel-4Anne Mortensen-Agnew, Writer
Pull List: Iron Patriot #3, Mighty Avengers #10
This Week’s Must Read: Ms. Marvel #4

It’s only four issues on, but Ms. Marvel has been a consistently great book. Kamala is one of the most lovable heroes to come out of Marvel, or anyone else, lately, and her supporting cast is almost as endearing as she is. With issue three’s cliffhanger ending, I’m eager to see what happens next.

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