COMIC PREVIEW: Groo VS. Conan #1

conan vs groo 1 previewFor as long as there have been sword & sorcery comics, there have been sword & sorcery parody comics.  Yet for all these many years the twain hast never been met between them… until now!  For there shall come a reckoning, as the king of high fantasy crosses swords with the king of low comedy… and CONAN THE BARBARIAN faces GROO THE WANDERER!

In GROO VS. CONAN #1, the boundaries between worlds shall be ripped asunder by the strongest of needs – the need of the writers to make a quick buck on a hastily assembled crossover that can be used to bleed two fan-bases dry!  And so it is that the simple townsfolk of Groo’s village find themselves in Hyboria and bear witness to the greatness of Conan of Cimmeria.  They ask the noble barbarian to protect them from the greatest menace to their town – their own protector, Groo!

conangroo1 Created by author Robert E. Howard, Conan is easily the most famous hero of the sword and sorcery genre.  His exploits have been adapted into countless pastiche novels, comic book adaptations, animated cartoons, role-playing games and even feature-length films!  He is as widely beloved by fantasy fans around the world as he is feared by corrupt noblemen and sinister sorcerers.

Created by cartoonist Sergio Aragones, Groo is easily the most infamous “hero” of the sword and sorcery parody genre.  His exploits have been continually published for over thirty years by half-a-dozen publishers.  He too is widely beloved by comics fans around the world but is somewhat less well regarded by the villagers whom he tries to protect to the best of his limited ability.

GROO VS. CONAN #1 goes on sale July 23rd, 2014 from Dark Horse Comics.  It is written by Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier with artwork by Sergio Aragones and Thomas Yeates.


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