The Kabooooom! Pull List, 10.22.14

Here at Kaboooooom we live and breathe comic books, but if you’re new to the game or just don’t frequent the local comic shop it can be hard to know where to start. For that, we’re here to help. Every week we’ll share with you our recommendations for what you should checking out and what you need to know before you crack that cover – it’s Kabooooom’s Pull List!

harley quinn 11
Sarah Moran, Editor
Pull List:
Bee and Puppycat #5, Aquaman #35,  Multiversity: The Just #1, The Walking Dead #133, The Wicked + The Divine #5
This Week’s Must Read: Harley Quinn #11

Tomorrow should officially be labeled Harley Quinn day. Not only is the latest issue of her current series releasing – featuring a guest appearance from Power Girl! – but issues #0 though #8 of her New 52 run have also been collected in a fancy new hardcover, plus issues 1-13 of the fantastic Gotham City Sirens – a.k.a. Harls, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman’s team-up series from the final days of DC’s pre-New 52 continuity – is getting re-released with its own fancy new hardcover edition. That’s a lot of Harley Quinn! And might I add, a lot of excellent and well-written Harley Quinn. I recommend grabbing the lot!

catwoman 35
Marcus Hammond, Writer
Pull List:
Avengers #37, Harley Quinn #11, Wicked + Divine #5, Amazing Spider-Man #8
This Week’s Must Read: Catwoman #35

I’m not a big fan of Ann Nocenti’s writing style, so having a new creative team on Catwoman is an instant attention grabber for me.  Catwoman is classic and deserves to be more than an occasional hero/villain whose rack busts out of her outfit.  Since this new run will spin out of the events of  Batman Eternal, we should start seeing a much more sophisticated role for Selina Kyle.  It’s exciting to see classic characters get an updated story that their history deserves. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that Genevieve Valentine and Garry Brown can do just that.

tmnt ghostbusters 1
Matt Morrison, Writer
Pull List: All New Invaders #11, Earth 2: World’s End #3, The Flash: Season Zero #4 (Digital), Injustice: Gods Among Us – Year 3 #4 (Digital), Superman #35
This Week’s Must Read: TMNT/Ghostbusters #1

I haven’t been reading either of the Ghostbusters or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles titles by IDW Publishing. I’m not a big enough fan of either franchise to obsessively collect every single issue involving those characters, though I do like them all. That being said, the idea of a team-up between the two teams has tripped my nostalgia switch and my inner nine-year-old – who watched a lot of the original TMNT cartoon as well as The Real Ghostbusters – is demanding I give this issue a look-see because of how awesome it might be.

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