The Pull List, 6.3.15

Here at Kaboooooom we live and breathe comic books, but if you’re new to the game or just don’t frequent the local comic shop it can be hard to know where to start. For that, we’re here to help. Every week we’ll share with you our recommendations for what you should be checking out and what you need to know before you crack that cover – it’s Kabooooom’s Pull List!

swords of sorrow 2 cvr
Matt Morrison, Writer
Pull List: Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #8, Green Arrow #41, Injustice: Gods Among Us – Year Four #5 (Digital Edition), Red Sonja: Vulture’s Circle #5, Superior Iron Man #9, The Flash: Season Zero #20 (Digital Edition), Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6
This Week’s Must Read: Swords of Sorrow #2

I don’t need your Secret War. Convergence and Divergence don’t interest me. And while I am curious to see how the latest attempt to revamp Green Arrow for the DC You ends, for my money there is no big crossover this summer besides Swords of Sorrow. Gail Simone writing the most amazing women in the pulp universe, teaming up to fight an unnamable evil with art by Sergio Davila? Sign me up for more of that!

groot 1 cvr
Marcus Hammond, Writer
Pull List: Feathers #6, Action Comics #41, All-New X-Men #41, Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1, Darth Vader #6, Secret Wars #3, Star Wars #6, Justice League #41, Wonder Woman Annual #1
This Week’s Must Read: Groot #1

I’m interested to see how Jeff Loveness and Brian Kesinger handle being on their own book. Loveness has written several individual issues (see the 3-issue story “Inhuman Error”) for Marvel and now gets to take a crack at an ongoing series. I think this is a chance for these two creators to build Groot into something more than a one-line, one-dimensional character. Hopefully, this new series will be an opportunity to see Groot stand alone and become a really interesting source of development for the future.

batman beyond 1 cvr
Anne Mortensen-Agnew, Writer
Pull List: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6, Broken World #1, Sundowners Vol. 1, Suicide Risk #25, Giant Size Little Marvel AvX #1, Arcadia #2, Help Us Great Warrior #4
This Week’s Must Read: Batman Beyond #1

Remember last week when I said I’ve been checked out of DC Comics for awhile? I just remembered that’s not entirely true. I was briefly interested in Future’s End, because – as I loudly complained to everyone around me – they just had to drag my son, Terry McGinnis into this mess. I still have no idea if Future’s End was any good since I dropped it after FCBD, but the number one way to get me interested in anything is Batman, especially if that Batman is Terry. And this series does legitimately sound cool! Old Bruce is gone, and Terry has to fight, mentor-less and on his own, against impossible odds and an enemy that’s already won. Since I have no idea what’s going on in the DC Universe, I’m going in 100% blind – which is the best way to experience things these days. I don’t know if I’m going to buy it, but I’m definitely going to read it. Damn you, DC. You got me again.

D4VE 5 cvr
Tiffany Belieu, Writer
Pull List: Arcadia #2, Broken World #1, Death Vigil #7, Morning Glories #46, The Wicked + The Divine #11
This Week’s Must Read: D4VE #5

Dave is just like you and me. Ok, he’s robot living in the aftermath of the human race’s destruction, but the similarities are incredible. A lot has changed for our hero since his first issue but he is still struggling. Will he be able to overcome? There is only one way to find out – you must read the conclusion to this awesome and hilarious book.

Buy these comics at your local comic book store (Don’t know where that is? Here you go.), from Things From Another Universe, or digitally via

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