CON MAN Season 1 Episodes 5-7 [Review]

CON MAN Season 1, Episodes 5-7 “Baby Boom”, “A Fluid Thing” & “Doll Face”/ Written by ALAN TUDYK / Directed by ALAN TUDYK / Starring ALAN TUDYK & NATHAN FILLION / Produced by REDBEAR FILMS INC & CON MAN PRODUCTIONS.

[WARNING – This Review Contains SPOILERS!]

Another weekend. Another hotel. Another convention.

This weekend finds actor Wray Nerely at Ex-Con, where things are already going against him. His convention manager, Bobbie, had his hotel room downgraded because she believes that getting the convention to give you the difference in cash is somehow a victory. And she further expects him to rig the costume contest, which she’s arranged for him to judge, in her favor.

Things seem to improve when Wray sweeps the woman of his dreams off her feet. Literally! He accidentally knocks her off her feet while standing in line at check-in! Her name is Louise and she’s there for a convention as well. Not Ex-Con, but a convention of women who treat their porcelain dolls like real babies. She’s clearly cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, even by Wray’s rather loose standards for sanity after years of sci-fi con attendance. On the other hand, she is incredibly hot.

The trick to winning Louise over may lay in the one other item on Wray’s agenda for Ex-Con – a meeting with the famous toy designer Ron Slackskin, who has crafted an action figure based on Wray’s character from the show Spectrum. Of course Wray was mostly interested in the cut of the sales he was going to get from every figure he autographed at Slackskin’s booth. But seeing his plastic-self inspires odd feelings of protectiveness when little “Wray-Wray” becomes a collector’s item. And Wray’s new “son” may be the key into Louise’s heart.

Or the key into her pants. Wray’s not picky.


With every passing episode, Con Man becomes funnier and funnier. It’s miraculous that Alan Tudyk’s scripts manage to be dark and twisted without feeling mean-spirited. Wray’s actions in this series of episodes would be creepy if his successes weren’t entirely accidental and his scheming so inept. It also helps that Tudyk has a natural charm that puts Nerely forth as more of a hapless fool than a vindictive jerk.


Again, the supporting cast also help to further enhance the series.  There’s a number of fun cameos by Team Unicorn and Leslie Jordan has a hilarious turn playing himself as a womanizer who pretends to be gay to seduce conservative cougars who dream of “converting” a homosexual. Tricia Helfer finds just the right balance between madness and sexiness in her portrayal of Louise. And Nathan Fillion gets his funniest cameo yet, playing opposite Summer Glau and Joss Whedon, who is a surly Snow Man. The guy in charge of making fake snow, that is. Not the Frosty kind of snow man.

Rating 5

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