North Texas Comic Book Show April 2016 [Gallery]


Held quarterly in Dallas, The North Texas Comic Book Show is devoted exclusively to comic books. The primary focus of the convention is on professional comic creator guests and local artists over big-name celebrities and autographs.

The show has gained some fame for their cosplay contests which emphasize the ability to act out the character more than simple appearances.  This season’s convention was notable for being hosted by SCNS: Live host Jason The X and Gaston of Beauty and the Beast.

The April 2016 North Texas Comic Book Show was unique in that it was their first show to feature a post-con after-party! Co-sponsored by The Texas Comic Fest and Roll2Play Games, the pool-side party featured music by DJ Veonix, a performance by second-generation magician and Zatanna cosplayer Lady Amaraldi and a Star Wars-themed trivia game show hosted by local radio personality Jedi Cole.

Our own Matt Morrison was there to take pictures of it all.

[huge_it_gallery id=”28″]


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