BAM FEST 2016 [Gallery]


The Burleson Arts and Manga Festival (a.k.a. BAM Fest) is a small mini-convention run by the City of Burleson, Texas. The goal of BAM Fest is to bring some of the attractions of a big-city comic convention into a suburban setting, while also allowing local artists a chance to display their work.

The event boasted an impressive line-up, with professional authors, artists, Anime voice actors, podcasters and cosplayers holding panels to discuss their work.

It should be noted that BAM Fest is the brainchild of Kabooooom Contributing Editor Matt Morrison. Since he was too busy running the show to take pictures himself, photographer and artist Scott LastRyghtz Van of Cosplay Illustrated was recruited to take pictures of the festivities, including the cosplay contests.

[huge_it_gallery id=”54″]

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