CON MAN Season 2 Episodes 3-4 [Review]

ConMan Season 2 Cover
CON MAN Season 2, Episodes 3 & 4 “Thems The Breaks” & “A Small Step For Manly” / Written by ALAN TUDYK, JOSH DEAN, NICHOLAS DALY CLARKE & SEAN BURY/ Directed by ALAN TUDYK/ Starring ALAN TUDYK, NATHAN FILLION & MINDY STERLING/ Produced by REDBEAR FILMS INC & CON MAN PRODUCTIONS.

[WARNING – This Con Man Review Contains SPOILERS!]

Having fired his agents, Wray Nearly is in need of professional representation to negotiate his participation in a commercial. It’s not a role Wray’s really interested in but it is a chance to work with director Diego Alfonso – the man behind the upcoming weekly television drama Doctor Cop Lawyer, which Wray sees as his best shot at the legitimate acting work he’s longed to do after an eternity trapped in science-fiction.

Unfortunately, the only other person with a modicum of something resembling managerial experience Wray knows is his convention manager, Bobbie.  Bobbie, who works as a masseuse/waxer/free samples distribution engineer at a supermarket when she isn’t finding new ways for Wray to degrade himself to make a fast buck at comic-book conventions. Bobbie, who has her eyes on the romantic-lead role on Doctor Cop Lawyer and is determined to prove she can play a 20-something dancer despite being mistaken for Wray’s crazy grandmother.

Risky? Oh yes. But for a shot at stardom Wray will do anything – even entertain Jack Moore’s plans to revive the short-lived Spectrum TV show that Wray blames for type-casting him forever as a full-length feature film. But how will Jack and Wray go on when Faith – Wray’s girlfriend and Jack’s personal assistant – decides to dump them both?


Like a fine symphony, the second season of Con Man has grown stronger as it has progressed. The third episode reintroduces Mindy Sterling as Bobbie and she is every bit as hilarious and horrific as she was in the first season. It would be advisable not to be eating anything while watching these episodes. Particularly when you learn the secret behind the “roadside discovery flavor” of the hot dogs Bobbie is hocking.


The writing on these episodes is top-notch, with Alan Tudyk and the other writers delivering a fine balance of comedy about the tribulations of Tinseltown and the random absurdities of Wray’s life. It is a credit to Tudyk’s skills as a performer, writer and director that he manages to make Wray at all sympathetic, even as he’s speed-reading through a Dear John letter or denying a stuntman work in an effort to make himself look tougher.


If you haven’t experienced the hilarity of Con Man yet, you can see the whole series, on-demand, on ComicCon HQ. It’s a real treat and may serve as an interesting conversation piece this weekend following your post-Rogue One festivities. Tell your Warsie fans who don’t know who Alan Tudyk is (there may be some!) “Hey, you wanna see something funny by the guy who plays the robot?” You’ll be glad you did.

Rating 5

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