While FAN EXPO DALLAS 2017 boasted an impressive number of attractions, the most important event historically was the largest gathering of original The Rocky Horror Picture Show actors at any event ever. Naturally this momentous occasion required panels discussing the mystique of Rocky Horror and a screening of the original movie. Thankfully, Dallas is home to Amber Does Dallas – a theatre troupe devoted to live productions of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Repo! The Genetic Opera – that was ready and able to host a number of panels on the cult film phenomena.

Founded in 2009, ADD brought Rocky Horror back to Dallas after a long hiatus. Originally based out of the historic Lakewood Theater, Amber Does Dallas now performs regularly at The Angelika Film Center – Dallas’ finest art-house cinemaThe troupe have performed at other venues and conventions around the country, ranging from colleges and night clubs to the National Convention of MENSA!

ADD’s live show at FAN EXPO 2017 proved to be worthy of a nationally-recognized theatrical production. Kabooooom was fortunate enough to grab a front-row seat and can now present these pictures of one of this historic show.

[huge_it_gallery id=”64″]

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