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Kabooooom! Goes The Podcast is the official podcast of Kabooooom.com. Listen as the Kabooooom Crew assembles to discuss the latest in comics, movie, TV and all they inspire. We’re just like you… except we have a website — and now, a podcast!

In this episode, Sarah and Matt discuss the latest and (easily the greatest) installment in Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe — Wonder Woman!

As of this writing, Wonder Woman has already grossed $103 million domestically, another $122 million internationally, and shows no signs of stopping. And while its opening weekend box office wasn’t as large as previous DCEU films, Wonder Woman more than makes up for that in critical success, currently holding at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

We here at Kabooooom! gave Wonder Woman a 5/5 rating, writing:

Wonder Woman is a revelation. Its tone is uplifting, its message heartfelt, its depiction of its heroine earnest. Cynicism is the enemy in Wonder Woman, and the film marks an obvious shift in tone for the DCEU. Diana embodies the heart and soul (and even the humor!) their cinematic universe has been lacking from the very start.

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