SUPERGIRL: Season Three Primer [SPOILERS!]

[WARNING: As the title of this feature notes, and this warning further notes, the following article is full of SPOILERS for Season Two of Supergirl. Read no further beyond the picture below, lest ye be spoiled now and forever. Thank you.]

Arrowverse 2017 Group Shot

Fall is upon us and with it comes the return of our favorite network television shows. It may be a quaint tradition in these days of streaming media but it cannot be denied that anticipation is running hot and heavy for the premieres of all the shows that make up the shared multiverse of DC Comics inspired series on The CW‘. For those who lack the time to binge-watch everything before the premieres next week, we’re happy to offer these brief refreshers as to what happened last season and what to look forward to in the year to come.


“Kara Danvers was a mistake.”

The Season Two finale of Supergirl saw Kara Zor-El and her friends in the DEO repel an invasion of Earth by The Daxamites – a xenophobic race of aliens from the same star-system as Krypton, who were similarly empowered by Earth’s yellow sun. The victory came at a cost, however, with Kara’s ally, Lena Luthor, repurposing one of her brother Lex’s anti-Superman devices to make Earth’s atmosphere toxic to Daxamites. This necessitated Mon-El – the reformed Daxamite prince who had won Kara’s heart – fleeing Earth with no way of ever returning.

The season concluded with Mon-El being drawn into some kind of wormhole shortly after leaving Earth orbit and a flashback which indicated that Kara and her cousin Kal-El were not the only beings to escape Krypton’s destruction. The final scene, featuring sinister monks in dark robes handling a baby they referred to as “it” as it was loaded into a rocket, concluded with the leader of the monks saying “It will reign”, when asked what the baby would do on reaching its destination.

The Season Three trailer revealed little beyond the fact that Kara has apparently abandoned her secret identity as Kara Danvers to focus on being Supergirl full-time. We know from casting announcements that a new villain called Reign (presumably tied into the aforementioned flashback sequence) will be the primary villain of the season, but there are also plans to bring in the telepathic villain Psi and corrupt businessman Morgan Edge as reoccurring villains.

Supergirl returns to The CW on Monday, October 9 at 8 pm EST/ 7 pm CST.

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