justice league 2017 review


Kabooooom! Goes The Podcast is the official podcast of Kabooooom.com. Listen as the Kabooooom Crew assembles to discuss the latest in comics, movie, TV and all they inspire. We’re just like you… except we have a website — and now, a podcast!

In this episode, Sarah, Matt, and Roy chat about Justice League, what its failure means for the future of the DC Extended Universe, and what can be learned from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We here at Kabooooom! gave Justice League a 3/5 rating, writing:

Justice League is sloppy. There’s so much that doesn’t work and looks bad. Still, the characters are charming and leave you wanting more. Will we get more? Maybe? Everything about Justice League feels like WB pushing out an unpolished, barely finished mess that they know isn’t good but hope will appeal to just enough people to keep its franchise afloat while they bank on Aquaman getting a reception even half as good as Wonder Woman’s. It’s a place holder of a movie, not at all their best work, but good enough that the DCEU won’t be written off just yet..

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