INJUSTICE 2 #53 [Review]

Injustice 2 #53
INJUSTICE 2 #53/ Script by TOM TAYLOR/ Art by XERMANICO/ Colors by J. NANJAN/ Letters by WES ABBOTT/ Published by DC COMICS

Drawing upon the collective willpower of all sentient life, The Green Lantern Corps have been an unrivaled intergalactic peace-keeping force for millions of years. Only the bravest and most noble of souls were allowed the honor of becoming Green Lanterns. Yet of all of the heroic spirits who bore the power ring of The Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan of Earth was still honored as the greatest of them all.

That was before Hal Jordan made a fateful choice and chose to support Superman in his efforts to force peace upon his homeworld. Jordan turned his back on everything he believed in, forsaking Will for Fear and joining The Sinestro Corps. His actions led to the enslavement of Earth and thousands of deaths, including those of his fellow Green Lanterns and a Guardian of the Universe.

Now Hal Jordan is standing trial for his crimes, feeling remorse now that he is free of the influence of the yellow ring that fed his fears and clouded his judgement. That would not excuse his actions, even if Hal were inclined to ask for mercy. Yet his record as a Green Lantern may see him spared the death sentence he feels he deserves.

Injustice 2 53 Page 3

A new year begins for Injustice 2 and a new storyline starts with it. Those who have played the game know of Hal Jordan’s eventual fate and that he was allowed a chance at redemption as a Green Lantern once more, though the details of how he reached that step are still a mystery. Based on this first issue, it will be interesting to see Tom Taylor spin that tale.

Xermanico’s art is a little rough at points, but generally does a fine job of conveying the action of the issue. The chief problem is a loss of fine detail past the medium distance, but this is not as big a problem as it might be given that most of the story is told through close-ups.

If you haven’t given Injustice 2 a chance, this is the perfect issue to start with. Green Lantern fans who haven’t experienced the series may find this issue interesting for its alternate take on Hal Jordan

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