INJUSTICE 2 #63 [Review]

Injustice 2 #63 Cove
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INJUSTICE 2 #63/ Written by TOM TAYLOR/ Pencils by BRUNO REDONDO/ Inks by JUAN ALBARRAN/ Colors by GABE ELTAEB/ Letters by WES ABBOTT / Published by DC COMICS

The Green Lantern Corps is facing its darkest hour.

Their base of operations on the planet Oa is under siege, attacked by The Red Lantern Corps – a sinister organization whose membership channel the power of Rage as The Green Lanterns harness Willpower. They would be formidable enough, even without The Red Lanterns having recruited Starro The Conqueror – a giant telepathic space starfish, who can take control of anyone through star-spawn that latch onto the faces of potential hosts.

Now, with their numbers falling as Starro takes control of those Green Lanterns who haven’t fallen in battle with The Red Lanterns, The Guardians of The Universe are truly desperate.

Desperate enough to give a Green Lantern ring to Sinestro – once the greatest of their order, who turned traitor to embrace the power of Fear.

Desperate enough to give a Green Lantern ring to Hal Jordan, who likewise forsook his duties to support the tyrant Superman.

And yes, desperate enough to give a Green Lantern ring to the bounty-hunter called Lobo.

We are so fragged!

Injustice 2 #63 Page 3

The ludicrous image of Green Lantern Lobo punting the Red Lantern kitty Dex-Starr into deep space should be incentive enough to read this comic, assuming you aren’t already reading Injustice 2 on a regular basis. And if not, why not? Haven’t I spun masterful review after masterful review explaining the glories of this book to a degree that would be frankly embarrassing if I possessed any sense of shame?

Yes, I have! But shame can be thrown to the four winds as far as this series is concerned.

Tom Taylor is a funny writer. His work here inspires laughter but also possesses a keen sense of fun that is sorely lacking in most mainstream comics. Fearless as a Green Lantern, Taylor is not afraid to revel in the sheer insanity of superhero comics and dares to present us with silliness. Yet what truly sells Taylor’s work is the heart he hides beneath the humor, which is well displayed in scenes such as when Hal Jordan and Sinestro – in the midst of the fight – have a far too honest conversation in which Sinestro reveals his true opinion of the man who is simultaneously his greatest enemy and best student.

The art team for this issue perform admirably in bringing Taylor’s script to life. Bruno Redondo plays things straight with his designs and choreography, depicting the action in an epic fashion. This only adds to the humor, due to the incongruity of Taylor’s dialogue coming out of characters that look like serious people in a serious story. Throw in the solid inking and shading of Juan Albarran, some vivid color art courtesy of Gabe Eltaeb and a spattering of skillful font work from Wes Abbott and you have one of DC Comics’ most underrated treasures. If you haven’t been reading this book, start with the first volume and catch up!

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