Lucy Chaplin Special #1
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LUCY CHAPLIN: SCIENCE STARLET #1/ Written by DREW EDWARDS/ Cover & Layout by APRIL GUADIANA/ Art, Inks and Letters by EVAN QUIRING & PAUL TUMA/ Colors by CELINA HERNANDEZ. Additional Colors & Letters by APRIL GUADIANA/ Published by SUGAR SKULL MEDIA

Super Scientist.


Fitness Guru.

Plus-Size Model.


These are just some of the hats worn by Lucy Chaplin – the world’s most glamorous mad scientist. Though she’s also well known in certain circles for helping her boyfriend Solomon Hitch (a.k.a. the ever-lovin’, undead superhero Halloween Man) with his efforts to fight various supernatural and paranormal threats in their home town of Solar City, Texas, Lucy is nobody’s sidekick and hardly a damsel in distress.

This doesn’t sit well with Samson – an uber-patriotic Men’s Rights Activist who is out to make America great again by putting various prominent women back in their place – (i.e. on their knees before men). With his army, The Sons of Samson, and the best technology they can steal, Samson had begun kidnapping major feminist icons around the country, intending to make an example of anyone who preaches the idea that a woman can be just as good as any man. And Lucy Chaplin is his next target – not only because of who she is but because of what her latest invention might do!


Lucy Chaplin Special Page 1

Lucy Chaplin Special Page 2

Lucy Chaplin Special Page 3

Those weak-willed sorts who fear that social justice warriors are taking over American comics would do well to avoid Lucy Chaplin – Science Starlet #1. It is unknown if writer Drew Edwards was intentionally setting out to inspire heart-attacks in the sorts of comic readers who put the “boy” in “fanboy”, but darned if this book wouldn’t be a handy tool towards that end. Lucy Chaplin is, as in her earlier appearances in Halloween Man, a BBBW – Big, Brainy, Beautiful Woman. Throw another BB in there for Boisterous Bruiser, because this lady can kick some serious misogynist ass, like no redhead this side of Red Sonja.

Politics and girl power aside, this issue is full of more of the high-concept, high-adventure one would expect from Drew Edwards’ previous work on Halloween Man. There is satire of the usual superhero and super-science tropes amid the action. There’s even an interview with Lucy Chaplin herself, along with a cosplay gallery of Jamie Bahr – the official model for Lucy Chaplin.

The artwork is as uniformly fantastic as the story. April Guadiana delivers a fantastic pulp-fiction inspired cover, and also provides additional colors and lettering for the issue. The main story involving Samson is ably illustrated by Evan Quiring – a triple-threat who handles pencils, inks and letters. The colors by Celina Hernandez are appropriately vivid and eye-catching for a high-tech science-fueled adventure. The back-up story – a guided tour of Lucy Chaplin’s lab and some of her favorite inventions – is rendered with equal care by Paul Tuma.

If this is your first exposure to the world of Lucy Chaplin and Halloween Man, you are in for a real treat. I highly suggest picking up the rest of the series through Sugar Skull Media at your earliest convenience.

Lucy Chaplin: Science Starlet #1 will be available on Comixology on July 4, 2018.

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