Texas Frightmare Weekend 2019 Film Fest Announcements

You can’t have a convention devoted to horror without horror movies and Texas Frightmare Weekend has one hell of a great line-up for this year’s film festival. Every year TFW arranges screamings – er, screenings of both classic horror films and new offerings.

This year is no exception and we’re hard pressed to play favorites with this year’s schedule. Fourteen  feature films and eleven short films will be screening from Arrow Video, Wild Eye Releasing, Millman Productions and several other indie companies all weekend long.

Of course the most star-studded event is probably the screening of Re-Animator with a Q&A featuring Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Bruce Abbott and Kathleen Kinmont before the movie. That one is on Thursday night for the early bird night owls who want to catch a midnight movie before the convention starts.

Another old favorite coming back for more is The Child – a 1977 movie about a housekeeper who discovers her young charge can command the undead. Arrow Video has digitally remastered this cult classic and will be screening their clean cut at the festival before the Blu-Ray is released on June 25, as part of their new American Horror Project Vol. 2 Box Set.

For what our money is worth, the most exciting feature to premiere at the festival is Dolls. The movie centers around a struggling author and his rebellious teenage daughter who discover the house they’ve inherited (and the creepy doll collection in the attic) have a sinister secret. A classic concept, to be sure, but one that is reportedly well executed and neatly reworked.

Our top pick among the shorts is A Tale Of Two Sisters – a retro Noir starring Traci Lords. Set in 1949, the plot centers around a Hollywood star who learns the sinister truth of how her sister was murdered and must struggle to see justice done.

Of course it wouldn’t be a TFW Film Fest without the traditional Secret Screening. We don’t know what to expect, but it’s sure to be a night to remember… no matter how much you may wish to forget!

Texas Frightmare Weekend runs from May 3-5 at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Hyatt Regency. To purchase tickets and get more details, visit https://www.texasfrightmareweekend.com.

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