Established in 2015, the Let’s Play Gaming Expo has grown into the largest interactive gaming festival in Texas. The convention hosts a large number of attractions, covering gaming in all its forms. Classic arcade games and pinball machines lined the main floor, while board-gamers and card-players met in a mock LARP tavern where any form of pen-and-paper role-playing might be found. No matter what your tastes in gaming run toward, there is something to interest you at Let’s Play.

This year’s show had a theme tying into the 30th anniversary of the classic gaming movie The Wizard. A special tournament was held, based on the gaming contest from the movie, overseen by some of the film’s actors and creators. In addition to this, there were a number of video game voice actors, industry professionals and charitable organizations that turn the love of games into a force for good.

Our own Matt Morrison was there taking pictures of the convention and the cosplayers.

Tag yourselves in our Let’s Play Gaming Expo 2019 Facebook Photo Gallery!

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