Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Header


When last we left Lucifer, he was busy dealing with the machinations of his twin brother Michael, who had become determined to make Luci’s life a living Hell. This, coupled with a fight in frozen time, finally got the attention of their father, who manifested on Earth (in the form of Dennis Haysbert) in an effort to finally get his feuding sons to make peace. Seeing Earth up-close, however, puts God in mind to hang around for a bit and see what his sons have been doing living among mortals in Los Angeles. While this doesn’t literally cause all Hell to break loose, it does leave Lucifer feeling like he’s the one being tortured. Worse yet, while Michael seems to be playing nice, he just knows his twin is up to something…

Michael, Lucifer and Amenadiel

The second half of Lucifer Season 5 proves to be worth the wait. The faithful fandom will find their faith rewarded by some of the best episodes in the series’ long run. Chief among these is the long-awaited musical episode, which is based around the conceit that God is something of a musical fan and Heaven is full of people breaking into song.

This leads to numerous sequences where God shows up to see his son in action while Lucifer is working on a case, resulting in spontaneous musical numbers that only Lucifer notices. This does not make Luci immune to the effect, however, meaning we get to enjoy Tom Ellis’ excellent singing voice more than once, as the spirit takes him. It’s hard to single any one number out as they are all fantastic, with the whole cast getting to show off their singing talents and some fantastically choreographed dance numbers, but the most heavily promoted involved a crime scene at a football game and Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust.

Tom Ellis and Debbie Gibson

My personal favorite, however, may be a duet between Tom Ellis and Debbie Gibson (yes, THAT Debbie Gibson) who plays a small role as a helicopter parent whose son is accused of sending threatening e-mails to a high school football referee that is now quiet dead. The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” has never seemed so creepy as when applied to a controlling mother and the Devil singing about God watching everything he does.

This light-heartedness extends to the other episodes making up this mini-season, with God trying (and failing) to organize a civil family dinner for all his boys and briefly losing his divinity after he decides to make himself truly human and forgets where he left his spark. Even Dan The Douche, everyone’s favorite butt monkey, gets a solo episode to… well, not quite shine, but show a not-so-typical day in his life, which starts with him waking up naked next to a dead body, hunted by two rival gangs and having no one to turn to but his improv troupe and (God help him) Lucifer.

Lucifer and The Detective

Things become a bit darker towards the end as Michael’s plans are exposed, but the show manages its usual masteful balance between comedy and drama while remaining true to the characters. The romance between Chloe and Lucifer becomes even more complicated as they start thinking of how to merge their lives together, changing the “will they, won’t they?” into something equally uncertain. The only person who suffers in all this is Ella Lopez, who doesn’t get any storylines devoted to her, but I suppose something must be saved for Season 6.

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