BATMAN: BEYOND THE WHITE KNIGHT #1/ Script, Art and Covers by SEAN MURPHY/ Colors and Cover Colors by DAVE STEWART/ Letters by ANDWORLD DESIGN/ Published by DC BLACK LABEL

I’m reluctant to describe the story contained within this first issue of Batman: Beyond The White Knight. It spoils little to reveal that it is set in the future of Sean Murphy’s White Knight reality and that Gotham City has become even worse in the absence of a Batman. The city is in need of a hero and given the familiar figure on the cover and the title, you might be forgiven for thinking you know where this is going.

Thankfully, Murphy still has a few aces up his sleeve and finds several ways to defy all expectations, which I shall not enumerate. The script for this issue is as full and rich as those which came before. If you were a fan of the original White Knight series, rest assured that you will find more of the same to enjoy here.

Murphy’s artwork remains on-point and Dave Stewart’s colors as suitably vivid as in earlier outings. The only flaw to this diamond is that it cannot stand on its own and some familiarity with the original series (to say nothing of Batman Beyond) is needed to fully appreciate it. I envy those readers new to this wonderfully wicked world for the journey they are about to begin, though as an old fan this return to Gotham City is far from unpleasant.

rating 4

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