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DOCTOR WHO: ORIGINS #1 [Preview/Review]


Describing Chris Chibnall’s time as Doctor Who‘s showrunner as divisive would be an understatement. Beyond the anticipated complaints about his introducing the first female Doctor (played by Jodie Whittaker) the show also drew criticism for Chibnall’s creation of The Timeless Child – a being from the far distant past of Gallifrey, who was the source of the Time Lords’ regenerative powers and, eventually The Doctor. About the only out-there idea from Chibnall’s run which met with any approval was his introduction of a new incarnation of the Doctor (played by Jo Martin) who came from some point in the Doctor’s past or future.

Later episodes confirmed that this Doctor existed at some point before the grandfatherly scientist designated as The First Doctor. Yet little is known about this mysterious new Fugitive Doctor beyond her working for a secret Time Lord organization called the Division at some point before The Doctor first came to Earth. That history has yet to be revealed… until now!

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Jody Houser’s story introduces us to the Fugitive Doctor through the eyes of a rookie Division agent named Taslo. We’re told the Doctor is something of a legend at the Division training academy, but thankfully the story shows us more of why this Doctor is so well-regarded, as she undertakes a mission to destroy the stronghold of a cult that seeks the destruction of the Time Lords. This is fairly rote stuff for an introductory Doctor Who story, but Houser has the rhythm down perfect and adds just the right element of mystery to keep long-time fans of the Doctor interested.

The artwork is similarly polished. Roberta Ingranata has been partnered with Houser on Doctor Who for several years now and it is almost impossible to imagine anyone else handling the series at this point. She does a good job caricturing Jo Martin, but also has the imagination and skill needed to depict the various aliens, spaceships and oddities a series like this requires. The colors by Warnia K. Sahadewa are well-chosen throughout and the lettering is top-notch.

This is a brilliant Doctor Who story that will please established fans and entrance newcomers. Ignoring all the other behind-the-scenes factors regarding the Fugitive Doctor, this is a good comic. It presents us with a Doctor, a companion and a mystery, paired with a few thrills and some monsters, epically illustrated. You can’t ask for better as a Doctor Who fan.

Doctor Who: Origins #1 releases on June 8, 2022.

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