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THE ROADIE #1 [Advance Review]

THE ROADIE #1/ Script by TIM SEELEY/ Art and Cover by FRAN GALÁN/ Letters by EL TORRES/ Published by DARK HORSE COMICS

Once upon a time (i.e. the early 1980s), Joe D. was the most in-demand road crew member in music history. Publicly, he was hailed for his ability to tune a Les Paul special and organize a show. Privately, however, he was famous as a warlock who kept the demons summoned by many a metal band’s songs under control.

Nearly 40 years later, Joe’s best days are behind him. A lifetime of running with the devil has left him with no love you’d call real and nobody waiting at home. But when Joe’s dark past comes back with a vengeance, he must jump out on the road again to save his daughter.

The Roadie #1 Cover

The idea of a rock star fighting the forces of Hell is nothing new to comics. John Constantine was modeled on Sting; a punk before he became a Hellblazer. KISS were doing the superpowered singer thing before that. Yet The Roadie puts a rocking spin on a classic concept.

Tim Seeley’s script sets up the rules for magic in this world easily enough. More, it establishes Joe D. as a likeable and sympathetic protagonist. Joe’s loyal to his friends and a deep believer in the power of music. He’s also responsible to a fault, taking on more than he should, perhaps, because someone must.

The artwork by Fran Galán of Lucky Devil fame is suitably dark and disturbing. The colors speak to the grit of the setting, while shifting subtly to denote changes in the time of day and location, from backstage lighting to the stage lights at the height of a show. The final effect is unique and memorable.

A must-read for fans of horror and supernatural detectives. The Roadie rocks!

The Roadie #1 releases on September 28, 2022.

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