She is a member of the Justice League and forms one third of DC Comics’ Trinity. Alongside Superman and Batman, she represents the core values of the DC Universe heroes. She is a princess and warrior. She is an Amazon. To some, a god. She fights to protect those who cannot fight for themselves. She fights for truth and justice, but most importantly, she fights for love and equality. She is the most iconic female superhero in the world. She is Wonder Woman. And in 2017, some 76 years after she first appeared in the pages of All-Star Comics #8, … Continue reading WONDER WOMAN [Review]

The Editor’s Notes: Cinematic Superheroines & The Curse of Eve

The Editor’s Notes is an opinion column allowing our writers to express their honest feelings about comic books, the comic book industry, and all that it inspires. The views expressed within belong solely to their author. [WARNING – This post contains SPOILERS for Guardians of the Galaxy] Earlier this week I attended a screening of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and had an absolute blast. Plenty of early reviews are calling Guardians the most fun Marvel movie since The Avengers and they aren’t wrong. It has a quick pace, quirky characters, more comedy than I’m guessing anyone expected, and fully … Continue reading The Editor’s Notes: Cinematic Superheroines & The Curse of Eve