Comic Preview: BULLET GAL #2

bullet girlMitzi is a girl with a grudge.  Armed with nothing more than her dad’s old pistols, she’s started cutting a swath through the underworld of Heropa.  As the criminals of the city start hunting the mysterious young lady who works as a vigilante in a city full of heroes, Mitzi’s rampage also garners the attention of someone on the side of the angels.

Enter Lee – a mysterious man with an offer Mitzi can’t refuse.  A chance to help good people and not have to worry about the rules regarding licensed heroes needing to have a super-power?  It sounds too good to be true and it probably is.  But Mitzi is content to play by Lee’s rules… for now.

Based in the same world as writer/artist Andrez Bergen’s novel Who Is Killing The Great Heroes Of Heropa?, Bullet Gal is an homage to the classic heroines of pulp fiction as well as the noir aesthetic.  Comparable to Sin City and Velvet, Bullet Gal promises to be a must-read for all fans of Golden-Age adventure-style comics!








Bullet Gal #2 by Andrez Bergen will be available in-print August 31st, 2014 from IF? COMMIX.  The digital version will be available in September.  Both versions will include Bullet Gal #1 as a special bonus for new readers.


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