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Comic Review: SINERGY #1

Let’s be frank, losing your virginity is a scary and exhilarating experience. It’s a life-changing moment, no doubt, but for Sinergy‘s Jess the experience quickly becomes terrifying and traumatic when mid-coitus her boyfriend transforms into a red-skinned, four-eyed demon!

Sure, many could argue they’ve had partners who’ve acted monstrously, but Jess’ boyfriend is literally a monster, one of many as it turns out. In Sinergy – note the the emphasis on “sin” – from husband and wife team, Michael Avon Oeming and Taki Soma, the world is inhabited by these monsters who feed off this energy produced by humans’ sins, this sinergy. Jess’ father hunts these monsters, who most humans cannot see but being a seer he’s able to look through their human disguises. And once Jess’ cherry is popped, the seer power awakens in her, too. Now, Jess’ father wants her to join the family business, but she’s only just coming to terms with the fact that the first boy she’s ever slept with was a monster looking to feed off her sinful energy.

Sinergy is a fun blend of those coming-of-age motifs and monster-hunting tropes, but with enough weirdness thrown in to make it an interesting story all its own. Comparisons can – and will – surely be made with properties like Buffy or Supernatural, but Sinergy‘s quirks should be enough to distinguish itself – like the family dog who’s actually a wise-cracking monster or that Jess is an avid hockey player.

Jess herself is a likable protagonist, and her relationship with her dad will be a cornerstone of the series. Their rapport is typical of a father/daughter relationship, and it’ll be enjoyable to watch that change and grow as he begins training Jess.


The premise outlined by Oeming and Soma in this first issue is strong, and it invites us to want to know more – especially when it’s revealed these monsters aren’t just mindlessly feeding off sinergy, but are more organized than they first appear. It’s these sort of threads introduced in this first issue that make for an intriguing read.

However, while the idea is great there are few problems in its delivery. For one, the dialogue can read a little clunky at times, and the characterization of Jess’ parents’ relationship could be problematic if not further explored in upcoming issues. Still, there more than a few good one-liners, and the comedy in Sinergy mixes well with monster-hunting action and your typical teenager humiliation.

The artwork – also provided by Oeming and Soma –  is just as quirky as the premise behind Sinergy. Bold, off-beat colors layered on black backgrounds make up much of the book, and Oeming’s characters are cartoony but expressive. There are times when the excessive use of black will detract from the colors, and some detail is lost. But this may be purposeful, giving those scenes a more desaturated feel for effect. Basically, this style won’t appeal to all, but it suits the world being created.

All in all, Sinergy is a fun if a little frenetic first issue. Its premise is solid, the characters flawed but interesting, and the artwork suits the story. If you’re looking for a good start to an adventure where a young woman learns monster-hunting with her dad (and really, who wouldn’t?), you’d do well to check out Sinergy as it has the potential to be a wild ride.

Rating 4

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