Comic Review: SONS OF THE DEVIL #1


Travis Crowe is a man of the moment. He has his dog, his girlfriend and a decent job as a mechanic. Why worry about the past or tomorrow when getting through the day is tough enough?

Given Travis’ rough past it’s hard not to blame him for his attitude. As a child Travis was bounced from foster home to foster home.  All thanks to the lies of a boy named Klay, who should have seen Travis as a brother but only saw a patsy.

Now Klay – who has become a detective specializing in reuniting lost families – is back in Travis’ life, trying to make amends by offering his help in locating Travis’ birth family. It’s an offer Travis can’t refuse fast enough. He has no interest in where he came from and even less interest in accepting anything from the man who he blames for ruining his childhood. Nor does he have much interest in the support group for orphans Klay recommends to him.

But like it or not, Travis’ past will be coming back to haunt him. Perhaps more literally than he ever thought possible…

This first issue offers just enough of a taste to leave readers wanting more. The script by Brian Buccellato proves well-paced in terms of plotting and fans of his previous books will find his work here equally enjoyable. Perhaps the best aspect of the book so far is Travis himself, who is quickly established as a likable and sympathetic protagonist despite his rough edges and a short-fuse temper.

Toni Infante was described in the press package for this book as an up-and-coming artist. One would never believe that to be the case based on the artwork in this first issue.  Infante’s art possesses a unique style that shames other horror artists.  Infante’s aesthetic has a sense of grittiness common to the genre, yet it also possesses a rare sense of clarity.  There is a dark undercurrent to Ignate’s work but it is never so heavily shaded as to be completely obscured.

The early previews of Sons Of The Devil #1 offered a brief glimpse of what appeared to be a promising new horror series.  It can now be said that promise has been fulfilled. This book will please enthusiasts of the horror genre as well as comic fans looking for something new and unique.

Rating 5

Image Comics’ Sons Of The Devil #1  will be available for purchase on May 27,2015. 


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