MAN VS. ROCK #1-4 [Review]


[WARNING – The Following Review, And The Comic It Reviews, Are Both Incredibly Not Safe For Work. Not So Much For The Content (Though It Is Quite Offensive) But Because You May Well Laugh Out Loud And That Little Weasel Hendricks Will Tell On You To The Boss In His Never-Ending Efforts To Secure A Better Parking Place Closer To The Front Door. Don’t Give That Rat-Bastard Hendricks The Satisfaction! Wait Until You Get Home To Read This Review So That You May Laugh Freely And Bask In The Loving Glow Of Your Confused And Horrified Family Until Such Time As The Men In The White Coats Come For You – NSFW.]

Since the dawn of time, Man has abused Rock for our own selfish needs. Cavemen used them as weapons against other cavemen and – until leaves were discovered – wiping their filthy cavemen butts. The Ancient Egyptians used them to construct monuments to their fallen god-kings and, probably, for wiping their filthy Egyptian butts. Even today the shiniest and most heavily abused of rocks are used in our technology, our currency and for adorning the piercings of our strippers.

But the day will come when the rocks fight back!  And the landslide will bring down not only those who see their reflections in the snow-covered hills… but every man, woman and child on the face of the Earth! Our only hope? Illiterate homeless professor Buck Stone – the one man who foresaw the rock-alypse coming!

We are so incredibly screwed!


Man Vs. Rock is the over-the-top monster-of-the-week shlockbuster that the Sharknado films wish they could be, all in a convenient book form for classy folk who enjoy reading and vulgarity. It’s the sort of comic Frank Miller might have written and drawn in the days before he retired from comics to focus on the manly art of fedora-wearing and being a racist, old loony. And it is as edgy and gut-bustingly funny as Seth MacFarlane thinks he is.

Comparisons to the films of Mel Brooks and Monty Python are inevitable but accurate.  The scripts by Victor DeTroy and Kevin Bieber share a similar anarchic sense of humor and a complete lack of political correctness. They are well matched in this by the artwork of Jared Lamp, which is as sketchy yet vividly detailed as a back-alley brothel in Bangkok.


There’s very little point in discussing the series beyond that. If you are the sort of person who is easily offended, you will be with Man vs. Rock. That’s not a warning – it’s a guarantee! But if you’re the sort of All-American pervert who can unashamedly laugh your filthy ass off at the utterly ridiculous death of the human race, then you will certainly enjoy Man Vs. Rock.

Rating 5

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