CON MAN Season 1 Episodes 11-13 [Review]

CON MAN Season 1, Episodes 11-13 “Full Release”, “Found and Lost” & “Too Much Closure For Comfort”/ Written by ALAN TUDYK / Directed by ALAN TUDYK / Starring ALAN TUDYK & NATHAN FILLION / Produced by REDBEAR FILMS INC & CON MAN PRODUCTIONS.

[WARNING – This Review Contains SPOILERS!]

It is a banner day for SPECTRUM fans all over the world! The lost footage of the final episode – all five minutes of it – has been recovered! What’s more, the show’s creator, PJ Haarsma, has been allowed a chance to complete the episode…

… on Dutch television.

Using a crew of non-SAG Dutch actors.

And ironically crude animation.

And, in a few scenes, shadow puppets.

Still, the dream of many a SPECTRUM fan has come true! Of course their dream is Wray Nerely’s nightmare. Quite literally, as he still has nightmares about the show and his co-workers. And not just his more successful friend Jack Moore.

There’s Brenda of the ballooning weight, who loves the show as much as Jack while somehow being even more bitter about her career path than Wray is about his. There’s sweet, innocent Tiffany, who grew up too fast and became the poster-girl for every negative stereotype about child actors. There’s Dawn, who is admittedly hot and hot for Wray but is also crazier than an outhouse rat.  And then there’s Stutter, who is still holding a grudge against Wray for accidentally revealing his unthinkable secret to the press.

Being in close proximity to all of them again is about the last thing Wray wants. But given the choice between attending Jack’s viewing party for the new episode or watching it at home with his booking agent and cross-dressing ex-stuntman landlord, suddenly a cast reunion doesn’t seem so bad. Of course, given Wray’s luck, it will end badly.


This final trio of Con Man episodes prove to be the weakest of the lot. I note quickly that this doesn’t mean they aren’t good. However, they are more predictable and in-line with what I was expecting this series to be like when it was first announced. And the best thing about Con Man thus far was how Alan Tudyk’s scripts managed to subvert expectations and avoid depending on obvious in-jokes about Firefly. 


However, given that these episodes give us our first extensive look at SPECTRUM, it’s to be expected that they might go a littler heavier on the sci-fi humor and in-jokes than the previous ones.  That being said, the cobbled-together episode of SPECTRUM we see (dedicated to the beloved and deceased Bruise Camp Bell) is highly amusing. And things end with a perfect hook for a second season of Con Man.

Just let me know when the crowd-funding begins, Mr. Tudyk. I want to give you my money!

Rating 5

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