THE FLASH #13 [Review]

The Flash 13 Cover

Even with super-speed seemingly giving him all the time in the world, Barry Allen’s life as The Flash has left him little time for chasing after romance. However, a recent encounter with his old frienemy, The Shade, has made Barry realize the importance of having someone in your life to remind you of who you are and what is really important. That was all the inspiration Barry needed to ask Iris West out on a date.

Unfortunately, even without The Flash getting in the way, an average day in Central City provides plenty of distractions for a forensics scientist who works for the police and a reporter. Every time the two have tried to hang out as friends has ended with one of them needing to run off for one reason or another. What’s to stop it from happening again now that they’re trying to make an honest go at dating?

An eager little wing-man named Wally West!

Unaware that Barry Allen is The Flash, Wally still sets out to make sure that his aunt’s date goes as smooth as silk. There’s a lot Kid Flash can do to keep the peace without his mentor around to supervise him. Heck, he can even handle it when a C-List rogue like Tar Pit goes on a rampage robbing toy stores! Wally still has a lot to learn, however, and as Barry and Iris try to enjoy one night together free from the distractions of their respective jobs, Wally will discover that being a hero can be far more complicated than he ever imagined.


Date Night proves an excellent one-off issue of The Flash as well as a wonderful holiday special. Joshua Williamson possesses a great command of these characters and makes a simple subplot about an ordinary date prove as engaging as Kid Flash’s more heroic exploits. Williamson even makes the classic concept of a young hero learning an important lesson seem fresh and exciting.

Willaimson’s script comes to life beautifully under Neil Googe’s pencils and inks. There is a palatable energy to Googe’s work – a sense of motion infused into even the most static scenes. Ivan Plascencia’s colors provide the perfect finishes, being as bright, vibrant and powerful as a lightning bolt.


If you’re a fan of The Flash TV series who has yet to give the comics a try or a regular reader who just hasn’t gotten around to this wonderful book, The Flash #13 proves a wonderful opportunity for you to correct your mistake and start enjoying one of DC Comics’ strongest titles in the Rebirth era. This issue provides a wonderful entry point into the world of Barry Allen. It’s also a heck of a holiday comic, with an uplifting ending and some amazing artwork in the bargain!

Rating 5

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