TITANS #7 [Review]

Titans 7 Cover
TITANS #7/ Script by DAN ABNETT/ Art by LEE WEEKS/ Colors by JOHN KALISZ/ Published by DC COMICS

Fresh off a victory over the mad mage Abra Kadabra, The Titans are together again. Their memories of their shared past have been mostly restored and they are ready to set up shop and get back into the business of crime-fighting.

Unfortunately, this world isn’t used to superheroes who operate openly with a mailing address – particularly in a major metropolis like New York City! So despite having near-limitless funding, there’s still a lot of issues involved in setting up a superhero lair beyond location and utilities. Like insurance. Horrendously expensive insurance.

As Nightwing, Tempest and Omen take charge of the little details, Roy Harper, Donna Troy and Wally West hit the streets to spread the word that The Titans are back and ready to help! Name recognition is important for any organization after all, but the Titans may find their stock rising faster than they ever expected when a certain Man of Steel pays them a visit. And Wally West will be the most surprised of all, when he discovers that he isn’t the only refugee from an old Earth in this world!

Titans #7 Page 1

Titans #7 Page 2

Titans #7 Page 3

As much as I’ve enjoyed the Titans series so far, Titans #7 is the strongest issue to date. Freed from the need to explain away so much continuity in introducing Wally West and recounting the history of The Titans (an necessary, but story-slowing step in the early issues), Dan Abnett is able to devote an entire issue to letting these classic characters showcase why they are so beloved.

All the interactions here are pitch-perfect.  I would still like to see more of Lilith and Garth, but what little we get of the two joking around here is wonderful. The flirtation between Roy Harper and Donna Troy is less one-sided this time around, with Donna giving back to Roy as good as she gets. Superman is the classic elder statesman who is ready to offer Wally some fatherly advice while still treating him as an equal as they discuss how they both came to be in this New Earth. And yes, we DO get a race between the two of them as depicted on the cover.

On that note, Lee Weeks’ depiction of these characters equals Abnett’s excellent script. I’ve been a fan of Weeks ever since the excellent Superman: Lois and Clark mini-series and the artwork in this issue proves an excellent example of why that’s so. With all due respect to Brett Booth, Weeks is the only artist thus far who has been able to make Roy Harper’s new backwards-hat costume look like a plausible piece of costuming rather than an ironic fashion statement. And John Kalisz’s colors provide the perfect finishes to Weeks’ pencils and inks.

If you haven’t given the new Titans series a shot, now’s the perfect time to begin reading it. If you’re a fan of the classic Titans comics, now is the perfect time for a homecoming. This isn’t just one of the best books DC Comics is publishing today – this is one of the best comics being published today.

Rating 5

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