THE PULL LIST, 1.18.17

Here at Kaboooooom we love our comic books, but if you’re new to the game or just don’t frequent the local comic shop, it can be hard to know where to start. For that, we’re here to help. Every week we’ll share with you our recommendations for what you should be checking out and what you need to know before you crack that cover – it’s The Pull List!

Sarah Moran

Pull List: Aquaman #15, Green Arrow #15, Might Captain Marvel #1, Archie #16
This Week’s Must Read: Harley Quinn #12

harley quinn 12 cvrJimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner’s Harley Quinn is as delightful as its protagonist is delusional. Without a doubt, the pair has reinvented Harley Quinn, giving her her own little slice of the DC Universe in which to do as she pleases. However, being that Harley is forever and always intrinsically tied with her maker, The Joker, he will from time to time make an appearance in her solo series. Last time Harley was face to face with the Clown Prince it was an affirming and cathartic moment for Harls – and one in where she got to  beat the living hell out of him! (It was phenomenal.) But now he’s back and claiming to be a reformed man, which has got to be total B.S., so what’s he really up to? We’ll find out as “Joker Loves Harley” continues in Harley Quinn #12!


Matt Morrison

Pull List: Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #9, Green Arrow #15 [Review], Injustice: Ground Zero #16 (Digital Edition), Lucifer #14 [Review]
This Week’s Must Read: Aquaman #15 [Review]

aquaman 15 cvrThe drama in this series has been building throughout the recent “Deluge” storyline and it reached a fever pitch in the last issue. It will be interesting to see how the battle between Aquaman and the Bondian world-domination group, NEMO ends and what ramifications it will have upon this title and the DC Universe at large in the coming months.


Brandon Griffin

Pull List: Aquaman #15, Batman #15, Green Arrow #15, Green Lanterns #15, Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #5, Nightwing #13, Superman #15, Trinity #5, Curse Words #1, All-New X-Men #17, Amazing Spider-Man #23, Avengers #3.1, Black Panther World Of Wakanda #3, Cage #4, Clone Conspiracy #4, Gamora #2, Invincible Iron Man #3, Monsters Unleashed #1, Squadron Supreme #15, Doctor Aphra #3, Star-Lord #2, U.S.Avengers #2, Ultimates 2 #3, Uncanny Inhumans #18, Venom #3
This Week’s Must Read: Mighty Captain Marvel #1

mighty captain marvel 1 cvrCivil War II was an entire event basically focused around the character assassination of Carol Danvers. Before the crossover event started, her solo series in which she was the leader of the Alpha Flight space team protecting Earth was amazing. During the event, she was became unbearably stubborn and misguided – it was upsetting just how wrong she she was written. The post-CWII fallout no doubt affects Carol most directly and this series will be extremely important to the Marvel Universe at large. The burden of fixing Danvers (just as she approaches her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) falls on the shoulders of Margaret Stohl. Hopefully, she can bring Carol back to her senses as she deals with the catastrophe of CWII – which was entirely Carol’s fault!

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